We are not a Photo Club, we are a real Swiss made Company active since 2014 in Geneva and one of most qualified in Corporate,Events, Sports and Luxury Swiss brands. Our products are unique and our creativity with more than 15 years of experience on field, is the best choice to give you the opportunity to rise your skills up to be a professional. Are you ready to learn something new?

Our format and technology is used with success also to delivery the first-in-world class photo classes on Silversea Luxury ships 

Our Academy is more than a class. It’s a speed dating with art . It’s a workshop with other passionate like you. It’s an open table where you can bring your camera and discover them together. Our courses are seat-limited in order to make a direct and personalized class and not a broadcast – youtube class. We are people. We need people to share our knowledge.
The language is not a barrier, we speak English, French or Italian: are you confortable with one of this language? 

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