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Get payed in Bitcoin & crypto: opportunity for business

From 2012 for insiders and geeks, since 2017 on everyone’s lips and in the virtual wallet of many.
Let’s talk about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency that have been revolutionizing for some months and for some they promise, thanks to their volatility, big profits.
But today we will talk about the advantages for a company to accept cryptocurrencies.
Let’s take a step back: in 2017, many traders, experts and onlookers have for the first time invested in bitcoin or tried the jealousy of receiving or sending an electronic payment based on the blockchain or the computer network that takes charge of authorizing and ensuring that payment takes place; maybe they only exchanged a few euros to try, but thanks to the popularity and growth of value in the months those few euros have now turned into a few hundred, or thousands for the lucky ones. Now: what to do with it?
In the World there are many companies that accept cryptocurrencies, but often the services are for the internet and rarely real exercises are interested in accepting currencies of which they do not know how to use them.
(find the list here www.coinmap.org)
It’s a bit like when credit cards circuits began to enter the market and you could only trust their logo or their brand (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS etc ..) or the bank that had issued them. Bitcoin or all other chryptocurencies do not have a credit institution behind them and their volatility follows the pure trend of the market, and, in the long run, no guarantee is provided.
Where is the advantage for a business, a restaurant or a small shop in accepting bitcoin payments? It is precisely the spread in continuous expansion and the lack of commercial businesses where to spend it represents an opportunity to be seized.
Do you think that bitcoin at the dawn was born to make small payments and … the first transaction in the history of bitcoin was just to buy a pizza! 10,000 bitcoins for a couple of daisies in 2010! (http://uk.businessinsider.com/bitcoin-pizza-10000-100-million-2017-11) to date it would have been worth around € 100 million!
The market and the Swiss square has always been linked to the world of finance and currencies and, unlike many countries where cryptocurrencies are viewed with suspicion, it promotes their use and has become the European “cryptovalley”.
What do you need then to accept bitcoins and other cryptomoney? All you need is an app or a simple qrcode stuck on your cash desk, and you’re done, you can start immediately receiving your customers’ payments in a simple, fast and innovative way … and you can attract a “digitalized” customers before your competitors! I just have to tell you … good bitcoin to everyone!

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