[ut_service_icon_box color=”#CC0099″ hovercolor=”#CCCCCC” icon=”fa-camera-retro” headline=”PROFESSIONAL PHOTO ” width=”third” ] Our professional team will give you unforgettable memories of your WEDDING, PARTIES and CELEBRATIONS…Special customized Photoboots included! [/ut_service_icon_box] [ut_service_icon_box color=”#FF0000″ hovercolor=”#CCCCCC” icon=”fa-film” headline=”PROFESSIONAL VIDEO & DRONE ” width=”third”] We provide emotional videos for your events with professional equipments in order to give you an awesome service. Drone service included![/ut_service_icon_box] [ut_service_icon_box color=”#F2D707″ hovercolor=”#CCCCCC” icon=”fa-code” headline=”WEB & GRAPHIC DESIGN” width=”third” last=”true”] Deploy your new responsive website or refresh your existing one, we provide best graphic design and brochure in order to impress your customers in simple way![/ut_service_icon_box] [ut_service_icon_box color=”#009900″ hovercolor=”#CCCCCC” icon=”fa-desktop” headline=”PC-MAC SUPPORT & NETWORKING ” width=”third”] We fix up your pc or mac problems, remove viruses , speedup your machine and provide install any kind of NETWORK systems easy to use. [/ut_service_icon_box] [ut_service_icon_box color=”#3366FF” hovercolor=”#CCCCCC” icon=”fa-eye” headline=”VISUAL SYSTEMS for ADVERTISING ” width=”third”] Deploy any kind of visual systems such us led panels or live screens where you can watch at live pictures of your exclusive event. [/ut_service_icon_box] [ut_service_icon_box color=”#8C8C8C” hovercolor=”#CCCCCC” icon=”fa-plus” headline=” & MORE … ” width=”third” last=”true”] Live Streaming, Social Wifi, Electronics & Telecommunication systems , Arduino and Raspberry based systems and lots more… [/ut_service_icon_box]

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